#TVThursday : Revenge (2009- ) – A Roller Coaster I want to get off From… And the Ride used to be so Much Fun!

Category: Drama
Actors: Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerny, Nick Wechsler, Joshua Bowman, Christa B. Allen
Channel: ABC
Duration: 42 min
Rated: TV-14

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Long Story Short:
Amanda Clarks goes back to her childhood home under a fake identity – Emily Thornton. Her Mission: Taking down everyone who is responsible for the death of her father.

Boy, was I loving Revenge when it came out first. It was a totally fresh and unique take on the good old story of vengeance. The episodes were intriguing, revealed twists each time, and made me gasp for more. Then season two started, and I thought, “well, this is probably the final season.” But apparently ABC saw the ever so rising numbers of viewers, so they decided to keep Revenge around for a third and possibly more seasons.
Nonetheless season two was still a thrill ride.

Season three started alright, but I kept getting the feeling that it was going no where, and slowly but steady it turned into a soap opera like The Bold and the Beautiful. And seriously, that should be aired in the morning, not during prime time. ABC made a huge mistake by renewing Revenge; what could have been an amazing drama series with a banging conclusion, turned out to be a cash cow that people aren’t willing to let go until it falls as low as Amy Winehouse before she said her final bye bye. And I am saying that as a fan of both Revenge and Amy Winehouse.

I will probably DV-R the remaining episodes just so I can fast forward through them, but all the additional, unnecessary drama besides the actual revenge is getting too much for me. It’s a drag, and not in a good way like Rupaul’s Drag Race is. And it’s getting old.

I hope the show ends after this season, so it can keep its dignity somehow.

My Rating:

Season 1: 8/10
Season 2: 7.5/10
Season 3: 5.5/10

Game of Thrones – The Honest Trailer that speaks from my heart!

I was done with Game of Thrones after the second season, because I wanted Dragon Girl to shine and the child king to die, but nothing happened. For some reasons I kept watching season three, which ended up in the same disappointment: No progress. Now I am watching season 4 and I don’t even know why. Maybe I still hope that they turn it up a notch and bring some action to it, especially regarding the dragons.

But I don’t get the hype about this show; there is nothing special about it in my opinion. This trailer includes every thought I ever had about this show and it is so funny. Please watch and enjoy. Whether you like Games of Thrones or not, you will have to laugh and most likely agree when watching the following trailer:

#TVThursday : Nurse Jackie (2009-) – WARNING: Once on this Roller Coaster it’s hard to get back off

Nurse_Jackie_Holy_ShiftCategory: Drama
Actors: Edie Falco, Merritt Wever, Paul Schulze, Peter Facinelli, Dominic Fumusa, Stephen Wallem, Anna Deavere Smith, Ruby Jerins
Channel: Showtime
Duration: 28 min
Rated: TV-MA

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Long Story Short:
Jackie is a nurse at All Saint’s Hospital In New York City. She is committed to her job, feared and respected by most doctors and colleagues, and loved by her patients. She also has a wonderful family. Everything seems to be perfect, but there is one demon that threatens to tear her whole life apart: Her addiction to pills.

First of all let me say that Nurses Jackie is not a comedy; it’s a drama, period. Sure, it has its funny moments, but so does life, and I wouldn’t call life a comedy either. From the very first episode where we get introduced to a hard-working nurse who is willing to walk the extra mile for her patients, we fall in love with her, and I am sure I am not the only one who thought, ” I wanna be her patient, because at least I am not dying on her watch.” Then the shocker: She has a pill-addiction and an affair. But why is it not possible to judge her or question her work ethics or morals?

Every season is an emotional rollercoaster, and Jackie’s struggle is getting more and more intense, and the fact that she is such a likeable character makes it so hard to watch, but the thought that she might overcome her inner demons and lives the life that she deserves keeps us watching it.

Edie Falco is an amazing actress and leads a cast that isn’t any less talented.

The show got highly criticized for bringing a bad light on nurses and doctors, since Jackie is constantly violating the Nurse Code ethics and overruling doctors. But in my opinion it is portraying the truth in an exaggerated way, and I wouldn’t see a nurse as a horrible person after watching the show, as a matter of fact I would see them as equally important as doctors, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

To me Nurses Jackie is easily the best and most realistic hospital show out there, and I got that confirmed by some of my nurse friends, too. It is highly addictive and hard to stop watching once you started. I feel like Jackie became a part of my life, and I want see her succeeding.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who appreciates a good and realistic drama.

Rating: 8.5/10

13 Sins (2014)


Category: Thriller
Actors: Mark Webber, Devon Graye, Tom Bower, Rutina Wesley, Ron Perlman
Duration: 88 min
Rated: R

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Long Story Short:
Elliot has just lost his job and his wife is pregnant. Wondering how he is going to provide for his family, he receives a mysterious phone call: A man promises him several million dollars. All he has to do is pass thirteen tasks, and keep this “game” a secret.

13 Sins is a remake of the Thai movie 13: Game of Death from 2006, but one could say it is a remake that has its own unique tone and can easily stand on its own. While 13: Game of Death is rather comedic and a little nauseating, 13 Sins is dark and mysterious, and turns quite gory towards the end. While I expected the conclusion to be much bigger and louder in the US version, I was still satisfied and didn’t regret watching it. I liked the twists and turns in the middle, the commitment of the actors and the relatively round storyline. If there ever was a sequel to come out I would definitely check it out. What I didn’t like was the title; it didn’t make sense. How about 13 Tasks or just keeping the original title? For one day I would like to get in those people’s head who make movie titles. Anyway, I can recommend this movie to anyone who likes a thriller that is above average. There haven’t been that many around lately.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Caution: Two scenes are definitely not for the light hearted. So beware of signs for something bad happening, pick up a pillow and cover your face! :D

#TrailerTuesday : Soaked in Bleach – Was Kurt Cobain’s Death really Suicide?

It’s been exactly 20 years since Kurt Cobain has been found dead in his house. There has always been a huge question mark when it comes to this case, since many didn’t believe the gunshot wound was self inflicted. This documentary explores the different facts and re-opens the case files. ‘

The trailer seems extremely compelling, and I really want to see this documentary since I always thought there was something fishy about this whole incident.

Check out the Trailer and let me know what you think.

#MovieMonday – Savaged (2013) – Indie Movie about a murdered Woman who Comes Back For Revenge

Category: Horror/Fantasy/Rape-Revenge/Gore
Actors: Amanda Adrienne, Marc Anthony Samuel, Rodney Rowland, Daniel Knight
Duration: 95 min
Rated: R

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Long Story Short:
On her way to see her boyfriend Zoe gets brutally raped and murdered by a gang of ignorant and ruthless men. But just when they think they can go on with their lives after brutalizing and dumping her body, they have to realize that Zoe won’t rest until she paid each of them a last visit.

First of all I have to admit I am not a fan of Rape-and-Revenge movies simply because there is too much focus on the rape aspect, which seems more of a glorification to me, and I get really sensitive and emotional with these topics. However, I thought I give this indie piece a shot; indie movies can either be very artistic and leave an impact, or very gory and even more brutal, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

What I got was a movie created by a director, who tried to recycle a known theme and wrap it into a new twist, a very committed and talented cast (especially the leads Amanda Adrienne, Marc Anthony Samuel and Rodney Rowland), and a decent cinematography. The raw color treatment reminded me of a Tarantino Movie, and worked perfectly for the whole concept. It also worked for me, because the rape wasn’t shown explicitly, it was enough to understand this woman went through the worst possible torture and humiliation one can imagine, which is why I could stick around until the end.

The villains, are as usual a bunch of racist “rednecks”, so no surprise here, but there is a twist in how the girl comes back to take her revenge.
I wasn’t blown away, but I can see if someone who likes that genre might enjoy it.

If you always wanted to see I spit on Your Grave but felt too scared of the graphic violence scenes, you can definitely have a look at Savaged, since it has a quick non-graphic rape sequence and good revenge moments, which no one ever seems to mind, and an interesting story.

My Rating: 5.5/10

CAUTION: Includes a quick rape and torture scene, and lots of gore, which is mostly exaggerated but still stomach turning sometimes.